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Wonder Woman: Wooed, Screwed & Subdued 
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Post Wonder Woman: Wooed, Screwed & Subdued
Now that we have a storey thread I thought I'd move mine here.

The Further Adventures of Wonder Woman
Wooed, Subdued, & Screwed
By MesmerEyes

Diana Prince was more than a little bored. As an agent of the IADC she had her fair share of glamorous and dangerous assignments. but Diana new that these assignments only came because she had the ear of Wonder Woman who unknown to everyone else was Diana's real Identity. Just for once she longed for Steve to give her an assignment because she was Diana Prince. Fat chance.

Diana let out a deep sigh, Steve and most of the other senior agents were sunning themselves in some Caribbean resort using a convention on terrorism as a front for enjoying themselves and here was she a Princess of the Amazons entering data onto a computer and looking for signs of the next diabolical conspiracy. Once again Diana sighed she could always take time out to patrol the city as Wonder Woman but the newspaper headlines said it all nothing was happening. criminals were so much in awe of her alter ego that they all seemed to have left the city for good.

The day continued to pass slowly and each entry she made became more and more difficult until finally she could take no more. Diana left the office, she was going to take the afternoon off. It was about time Diana Prince had a bit of time for herself and perhaps even a little bit of fun.

Diana walked along the sidewalk considering whether or not to take a cab. in the end she decided to walk. It would take her some time to reach her apartment but for once she was in no hurry and it was a warm afternoon. After strolling aimlessly for a few blocks Diana stopped to watch some Jugglers performing in the corner of a secluded square they were making some mistakes but they were so obvious in their enjoyment of their craft that the gathered crowd didn't seem to mind and applaud generously as they finished each routine. Diana applauded along with the others unaware that she to was receiving more than a little attention.

He had been watching the Jugglers when she had stopped near him , he had at, first looked at her furtively wondering why she chose to dress so conservatively hiding a body which was obviously extremely well rounded with all the curves exactly in the right places. Those glasses she was wearing were horrible someone like her should be wearing contact lenses.

He painted a picture in his mind of how he thought she would look if she presented herself properly and he was more than pleased with what he imagined. He continued to gaze at her aware that she had become so engrossed in the activities of the Jugglers that he was in no danger of discovery. She seemed strangely familiar, But as only an occasional visitor to this city he thought it unlikely that they had met perhaps she worked in one of the local offices or more likely he had passed her in the street on or seen her in a restaurant.

It would he thought have been easy at a glance to overlook the considerable charms that she had gone to great lengths to hide. As the crowd began to disperse he turned again to see which direction she would take as he did so their eyes met and she smiled at him, the smile transformed her face to a thing of beauty and in that instant he was certain that he wanted her. But in an instant the moment was gone as she turned and continued her journey.

In a moment of major decision he walked after her, careful to allow enough distance so that she would be unaware of his presence. As it turned out he needn't have worried at that point in time Diana was oblivious to anything but her own thoughts. Diana realized just how little distance she had covered in what amounted to nearly two hours she had watched the street entertainers browsed the local shops and generally acted like a tourist just a few blocks from her own apartment. Diana looked around her, she was thirsty and felt more than a little hungry.

As luck would have it just across the street was a small restaurant that she hadn't noticed before, probably too busy saving the world. Diana crossed the street checked out the menu board and went inside . It was nice, the decoration was old style but in good order and the girl that showed her to a corner table seemed friendly enough. Diana took her seat and began taking a closer look at the menu while the waitress left to fetch her coffee.

He waited outside for a couple of minutes until it seemed likely that she was staying put. he went in and allowed the sole waitress to show him to a table near to where Diana was already seated. He new she had recognized him from the street corner. That didn't bother him after all she had left him with a smile. As there eyes met it was his turn to smile at her. Diana met smile with smile, Seeing an opening he stood up and walked over to her table. Diana's eyes never left him. He kept smiling and politely asked if he could join her. To his delight Diana nodded and gestured for him to sit down. He introduced himself and Diana returned the courtesy just as the waitress returned with her drink.

Diana would never normally have agreed to share her meal with a complete stranger especially one who she suspected had followed her to the restaurant but today was going to be the exception, today she was going to take a few chances and see where they took her. Trevor, that was his name was quite attractive. Not really her type but he seemed friendly enough and he did have a really nice smile.

Diana was a sucker for a nice smile. The conversation was polite but questioning as Trevor and Diana both sought answers to the same questions until they both seemed satisfied that they knew a little more about each other. Diana had actually learnt a lot more than Trevor' her job with the IADC had taught her what questions to ask. Diana took stock of what she knew.

Trevor was 34 originally from England although he had lived in America for 8 years. He had originally moved here to take a job as a research assistant with a large pharmaceutical company. But he was now working on a project of his own, he had been vague on this but from what he had said Diana surmised that he was now working in the field of psychology. Trevor was also independently wealthy and unmarried. Diana was pleased. Not bad for a few minutes work. She didn't need her lasso all of the time sometimes it seemed being a woman was quite enough. Trevor was also pleased Diana had told him very little but enough for him to know that she lived alone she worked locally, She kept herself in good shape and at this moment in time she was less than happy with her life. Trevor began to make plans.

Taking the initiative he asked Diana if she was free this evening and if she was would she like to spend some time with him. He explained that he would understand if she didn't want to after all they had only just met and....Trevor let the explanation trail off and waited. Diana was flattered that he had asked her but she knew better than to take anyone at face value. But one of the perks of working for the IADC was the amount of information that was at her fingerprints. She agreed to meet him later for a drink giving herself plenty of time to check him out. There was no sense in taking too many chances. Diana said her good-byes and left the restaurant taking a cab back to the office.

Trevor watched the cab drive off he had a few hours to kill and something to pick up from his hotel room. Trevor smiled in anticipation of what he new was going to be a memorable evening.

Diana keyed Trevor's details into the computer and waited for the results. With the powerful computers at her disposal Diana didn't have to wait for long. Soon there was an entire dossier papering on her monitor. Trevor had told her the truth and nothing but the truth although he had left a couple of things out. Firstly he was not just independently wealthy he was in fact worth millions and secondly he had a criminal record, not that a speeding offense qualified as anything sinister. Satisfied that Trevor was on the level Diana returned home to dress a little more appropriately before she took a cab to meet Trevor. The dress Diana chose was a little less conservative than what she would normally have, she had bought it months ago and had not worn it since trying it on in the shop. she had in fact regretted buying it as it didn't fit in with her Diana Prince disguise. However this evening it seemed appropriate. Diana admired herself in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. the black cocktail dress was cut just above the knee with a halter strap helping the dress to contain her ample breasts. Diana took one final look and then left for the evenings entertainment.

Trevor was waiting at the hotel bar sipping a drink patiently waiting for Diana to appear, he looked at his watch Diana was a little late, he had guessed she would be. As he looked up he saw Diana enter the foyer, She was wearing a simple black cocktail dress that showed at least something more of the hidden woman he had guessed at earlier but her hair was still up and she was still wearing those awful glasses. But if things went well he hoped to do something about that. Diana sat down and Trevor unable to attract the waiters attention went to the bar to get Diana a glass of wine.

Diana watched him walk purposefully towards the bar disappearing briefly as he leant over to order the drinks. moments later he reappeared holding two glasses and set them down on the table. Diana picked up he glass and took an appreciative sip. She was aware that Trevor was now watching her closely she took another sip of wine and watched Trevor relax.

Trevor said that he had chosen this hotel because of the Rooftop restaurant and its great view of the city. He suggested that they take a look before they ate. Diana said she would like that so she finished her glass of wine and allowed Trevor to escort her to the elevator.

Diana watched the city as the elevator climbed the side of the building she loved the city at night and often flew over it in her invisible jet Looking for the tell tale signs of criminals and evil do-ers. But tonight she was Diana Prince and she supposed with a half suppressed giggle that she was on a date. Diana was feeling very relaxed she felt completely at ease with Trevor she smiled at no-one in particular and leant against the elevator wall.

Trevor knew that the drug was working. Diana's facial muscles were becoming much more relaxed, in a few minutes she would be so relaxed and contented that a nuclear explosion next to her would cause her no concern whatsoever. Trevor asked Diana how she was feeling she looked at him through droopy eyelids and said that she felt really nice but she was very tired. Trevor stopped the lift and took her arm leading her into the corridor. Diana knew that this was not the restaurant floor but it didn't seem important Trevor seemed to know where he was going so she held on tight so she wouldn't lose him. A voice in the back of her mind DANGER, DANGER, But the voice seemed a long way away so Diana decided to ignore it and gradually the voice disappeared. Trevor opened the door of his suite and led Diana inside, he sat her on the couch and turned down the lights. Diana watched him walk towards her wondering why she was here.

Trevor had had many women in the same position as Diana, his special little designer drug enabled him to subdue the most strong willed women, Relaxing them making them feel almost ridiculously happy and also heightening their suggestibility considerably. The company he had worked for had seen no commercial use for the earliest versions of this drug so he had left and continued his research alone, he could have sex with any woman he wanted and they wouldn't even remember it happening. But Trevor had always wanted more and a chance encounter with a stage hypnotist had given him the way forward. With practice he had become a reasonably good hypnotist. At least good enough to take full advantage of the drugged women with their heightened suggestibility. Now he was about to add Diana to his growing list of conquests.

Trevor helped her lie down on the couch and then sat down beside her producing a watch on a chain from his pocket. He held it a few inches from her eyes and began his induction. The watch was strictly unnecessary but the tackiness and the sense of Melodrama it produced always amused him. He moved the watch from side to side and began to speak. Diana was totally relaxed she had never felt so happy, she new Trevor was responsible and she was grateful he was talking to her now and she knew it was very important that she should listen. Diana listened carefully to what Trevor said. everything was falling in to place she understood why she was here. she began to realize how important Trevor was to her and how much she wanted to please him. She soon became certain that whatever Trevor told her was true and she knew that whatever happened now she would always have Trevor to tell her what to do. Diana knew she had made her last independent decision and she was filled with gratitude.

Trevor was pleased with the result he knew Diana was completely under his control and he could now do with her as he pleased. First of all he wanted to see her naked. Diana was only too happy to comply. Her body was truly magnificent. As she stood before him he instructed her to remove her glasses and let her hair down. His earlier imaginings had failed to do her justice she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He wanted to make love to her there and there his, whole body was aching for her. Somehow he managed to resist the temptation, he wanted to play some games first and he knew the wait would be worth it. A few minutes later they were on the roof admiring the view. Diana was dressed as she had been and was unaware of what had happened to her. Trevor was studying her carefully ensuring that she would have no cause to become suspicious later. He had left a hypnotic trigger in place so he would be able to return her to a state of trance whenever he chose. The trigger he had chosen was optical allusion. he liked to fit the trigger to the woman and as Diana seemed to wear the glasses as a sort of disguise it was quite apt. Trevor escorted Diana into the restaurant. During the evening Diana told Trevor everything there was to know about Diana prince, about her work with the IADC and how she never got any assignments on her own merits. The revelation that Diana worked for the IADC stopped Trevor probing in to her personal life. He would certainly be able to use her position there to his own advantage information was a very powerful weapon, one he would have no problem using. Trevor had only asked about Diana Prince so Wonder Woman was not even mentioned. For the moment Diana's secret was safe. At the end of the evening Trevor put Diana in a cab, kissed her gently and wished her goodnight.

As the cab sped away he looked forward to their next meeting knowing that she would look a little differently then he turned and entered the hotel. The doorman received a tip that made him gasp as he watched Trevor make his way to the lift.

Diana couldn't concentrate at work at all. the only thing that she could think about was seeing Trevor again. She couldn't understand how someone she had just met had affected her so much, she was an Amazon Princess but she was acting like a lovesick teenager. Diana looked at herself in the mirror, she was pleased with what she saw. she realized that the glasses had been a mistake all along and she couldn't believe that she had kept her hair up in that ridiculous style. It was about time that she started behaving like a woman, Diana stepped back from the mirror and admired the whole picture. Stiletto heels, stockings and suspenders and a short red dress to die for. Diana just hoped Trevor would approve.

Trevor definitely approved. Only one thing still bothered him she still looked so familiar yet he still couldn't place where he had seen her before. He took her straight to the suite this time and has soon as they arrived he used the trigger to return Diana to a state of deep trance. He was pleased with the confidential information she had obtained for him. It would allow him to dramatically increase his already considerable fortune. He was ahead on points and he hadn't even screwed her yet. That could wait a little while longer he still had one or to tasks for Diana to perform before she left the IADC to become his very personal assistant. He left Diana entranced and helpless while he sat at the desk and popped the CD ROM that she had brought into his laptop. Diana had obviously taken even more stuff than he had asked for a lot of it was to do with national security that didn't interest him but flicking through the files a filename caught his eye he opened it and began to read. It was a dossier on wonder woman. he stared at the picture on the screen and then at Diana and then back to the screen. The realization hit him like a thunderbolt. He shot back towards the entranced Diana. "Are you Wonder Woman?"


Trevor was in awe of what he had achieved, he had total control of the most powerful woman on earth. This was amazing, fantastic He was going to screw Wonder Woman Hell no he OWNED WONDER WOMAN. WONDER WOMAN WAS HIS SLAVE. for the next three hours Trevor asked Diana an unending stream of questions until finally he was satisfied that he knew everything there was to know about Wonder Woman, Amazon Princess.

Trevor sat silently watching her. It was so hard to believe, yet here she was stood erect in front of him wearing the famous costume just as he had commanded her to do. it was unbelievable and he knew that the potential benefits were immense. With the lasso alone he could instantly control anyone he chose. Compared to this his drugs and hypnotic skills were just toys. But Trevor also knew that all this could wait whilst he and Wonder Woman got a aquatinted after sex was all he had been after so that was as good a beginning as any.

Trevor dropped the lasso on the table and reached up and removed the tiara. Wonder woman stood there unmoving as his hands explored her body, stopping briefly to remove her power belt and throw it to the floor. He grabbed the top of her costume and pulled downwards releasing her breasts. He had her step out of the costume, for now at least the boots and bracelets could stay. She was magnificent and now she was his to command.

"Diana, you are my slave."

"Yes Master"

"You desire nothing more than to give me pleasure."

"Yes Master"

"The desire that you feel for me will know no bounds."

"Yes Master"

"You can no longer contain your desire Diana, give yourself to me and hold nothing back."

"As you wish Master"

Diana pressed her body against him. Trevor kissed her there tongues met as each explored the other. there mouths still connected Diana pulled his shirt apart and ran her hands across his chest Trevor pushed her roughly across the table, Diana arched her back and thrust her sex before him. The look in her eyes said it all. He loosened and dropped his trouser his cock stiff and ready for action, grabbing her knees he roughly pushed her legs apart and pushed his cock towards the ever moistening target. The tip of his cock entered. god she was tight. He withdrew hi cock and thrust in again, suddenly he realized she was still a virgin, things just got better and better. He withdrew again and with all the force he could muster attacked her virginity for a moment the hymen held but power and passion overcame her final defense. Trevor buried his cock deep within her. Diana lost in a hypnotic induced flood of desire bucked beneath him their bodies colliding again and again as they both neared the point of orgasm. Diana's thrashing body had cleared everything from the table with both a lamp and Trevor's expensive laptop consigned to the rubbish bin. But nothing mattered now both slave and Master were beyond caring living only for the moment of ecstasy that now could not be far away. they both came together in a crescendo of screams sweat and spilled bodily fluids. In the moments after release Trevor felt like a God, he stood before her in victory his cock limp and dripping. Diana pushed herself up from the table.

"Did I please you Master?"

"Yes Diana you most certainly did."

"What do you wish of mw now Master?"

"Wash yourself and get dressed, I have work for you to do."

"I will obey Master"

The following day, it was the old Diana sat at her desk, conservatively dressed and wearing glasses. She looked up as Steve entered the room, he was waving something in the air.

"Diana, What in the hell is this?"

"It's my resignation Steve."

"It's so sudden....Why...Help me out here."

"Sorry Steve but I'm fed up of doing nothing until you need Wonder Woman. Lets face it you only tolerate me because I know Wonder Woman. Well I'm leaving and that's final."

"Diana we need you, you and Wonder Woman"

"Bye Steve, I won't be working my notice. My I.D. is on the table."

Diana walked out of the office leaving a stunned Steve scratching his head in amazement, how in the hell was he going to contact Wonder Woman without Diana. Steve pressed the intercom.

"Diana Prince is leaving have her followed."

But Diana had swiftly changed into Wonder Woman, leaving the roof top in her invisible jet.

"What do you mean disappeared, she hasn't left the building she must be here somewhere. Search again. NOW!"

Steve slammed the phone down and tried to log on to his computer. it was then that the full horror of the situation hit him.

The I.A.D.C. logo faded from the screen to be replaced by an animation of Diana waving good-bye and then suddenly nothing, the whole system had closed itself down. Frantic calls to the computer room revealed the truth. A powerful virus had destroyed every bit of information on their files....Permanently. Diana had left a parting gift.

Trevor was busy looking over the information that Diana had sent him. He had more information than he could ever use. In a couple of weeks he would begin the sales pitches there were plenty of names he recognized that would be plenty ripe enough for blackmail. At the moment he was preoccupied with more important issues. He looked up to see Wonder Woman stand before him.

"Ah Diana your back. Good, I think it's time to take a holiday. Paradise Island sounds like a good spot."

"As you wish Master" Trevor leant back in his chair and placed his hands behind his head and smiled as he saw Diana's head move towards his crotch. One Amazon was enough for any man, but soon with Diana's help he would own them all,


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