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Scorpion Woman and Tomboy in Fast Times in Detroit 4 
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Post Scorpion Woman and Tomboy in Fast Times in Detroit 4
Scorpion Woman and Tomboy in Fast Times in Detroit 4

24 hours later
Downtown Detroit
8 pm

MIKE SULLIVAN...young travelling salesman stepped out of the front doors of the hotel where he and his eight year old brother JIMMY were staying. After having spent another exhausting day at the convention he was attending here in Detroit...and having dinner with Jimmy...Mike decided that with Jimmy asleep and secure in their hotel room upstairs...he needed to get some free time to himself. As he walked through the city centre...taking in the sights and sounds...all of which were far different from the small farming town in the Midwest where he and Jimmy came from...Mike could not get Tommy Boyd out of his mind.

He saw that neither could Jimmy...who with his imagination and talent for art...had already drawn several pages for his own personal comic books...featuring Tommy. There was WONDER TOMMY battling the Nazis in World War II...SPACE TOMMY and her adventures in deep space...and TOMMY OF THE JUNGLE facing the perils of deepest darkest Africa. Mike himself was smitten with Tommy....remembering how brave she was to stop the thief who nearly made off with Jimmy's backpack which contained all his precious drawings... her smile...and how she seemed to be attracted to him while they talked...although she seemed to be too fiercely independent to admit her feeling about any man.

As he pondered those thoughts as he walked through the crowded streets of downtown Detroit....Mike did a double take as he caught a glimpse of a woman with a thick mane of curly brown hair...clad in a form fitting sleeveless red dress...which highlighted the curves of her body...wearing strappy open toe high heels on her feet...clinging to the left arm of an older man in a business suit...as they walked ahead of him through the crowd. "Tommy?" wondered Mike.

The woman bore an uncanny resemblance to Tommy Boyd...but her character was not that of the heroine who he met days earlier. Before he knew what was happening...the young salesman was tracking the couple...following them on to a nearby train platform...and boarding the same train they were on...following them to whatever destination they were headed to. Though he knew he shouldn't be away from Jimmy for too long... Mike's gut instinct told him that the woman he saw was Tommy Boyd...she was in big trouble...and he had to save her.

9 pm

Mike couldn't believe that his trailing of the bimbo... he could have sworn was Tommy Boyd...took him on a journey far away from the centre of downtown Detroit...where his hotel was...where he had left his little brother Jimmy asleep in their room...getting off the train and on to the platform when it stop... he heard the sounds of vehicles driving along the nearby massive E Edsel Ford Freeway. He paid little attention to where he was...his focus solely on the busty brunette... clinging to the arm of the wealthy looking gentleman...as they made their way off the platform...crossed the street below...and headed towards
a fully illuminated building located directly in front of them.

The sign on the front of the building in bright lights read "CLUB VENUS" and it became apparent to Mike what this place was. He was still trying to make sense of all of this...when he saw the busty brunette and her gentleman companion... did not go through the front door for the regular paying customers...but through a side entrance reserved for the performers...and the bouncer at the side door...had a pistol partially concealed by his jacket. Mike became more and more convinced that the woman was Tommy Boyd...but something was terribly amiss with her. Paying his money at the front door...Mike entered the strip club.

Making his way through the crowded interior of Club Venus...with men and women...drinking...doing drugs...and openly having sex with each other...Mike saw six pole dancers doing their routines atop a stage in he middle of the club. They were all sexy brainless bimbos...in flimsy bikinis...flaunting their bodies to the patrons of the club as they worked their poles...their bodies twisting and gyrating to the music coming over the speakers inside of the club. Mike saw the man he followed...sitting at a special reserved table...with two men in suits standing behind him...mesmerised by the dancer working the pole in the middle of the stage.

Mike's eyes bulged and his jaw dropped to the floor...as he saw the face of this dancer...confirming his earlier suspicions. "Tommy?!!"gasped Mike in shock as he saw the Teen Wonder...her curvaceous and athletic tanned body clad in a skimpy white two piece bikini...a fake smile on her face...and a vacant stare in her brown eyes...dancing for the pleasure of the patrons of Club Venus...especially the man in the suit who she appeared to be dancing for. This was not the woman he met days earlier. Something had happened to her...and Mike knew he had to help Tommy.

Making his way through the crowd to the foot of the stage...atop which Tommy was twirling around the shiny steel pole with the agility of a gymnast...showing off her feminine attributes to the hoots...whistles...and cheers of the crowds....along with the applause of her gentleman escort...Mike tried to get her attention. "Tommy!...Tommy!" he shouted over the noise of the crowd...the pounding music from the speakers and the flashing lights from the ceiling. His shouts got her attention and the busty brunette slid off her pole and sauntered over to where he was standing

"Hi...My name's Girly Girl...Wanna dance with me" said Tommy in a bimbo voice...as she gyrated her hips and showed off her bust to him. Mike was shocked again...hearing her voice and looking at the spacey look in her brown eyes. "Tommy!...What's gotten into you?...It's me...Mike...Mike Sullivan" said the young salesman. "Ooooooo...You're cute...Girly Girl like you" replied the hypnotised Teen Wonder as she continued to dance in front of him. Mike reached into his wallet...taking out a picture of him and Jimmy.

"Remember Jimmy...We met at the airport...Think Tommy...Think!" cried Mike as he tried to get through to the brainwashed Tomboy. For a second...there was a brief flicker in Tommy's brown eyes as she processed the information which Mike was giving her...as she watched the photo of Mike and Jimmy. However just as quickly as it came...the flicker ended as her Feminite conditioning kicked back in...keeping any memory of her real identity suppressed. "}I'm Girly Girl" she quipped as she shoved her ample tanned bust in his face before moving away to perform for other customers who were cheering her on as she worked her pole. Before Mike could press the point...he felt a strong hand clamp down on his left shoulder. Mike turned his head to see two burly thugs standing on either side of him. "There are problem here pal?!" asked the thug whose right hand was firmly gripping Mike's left shoulder. "That girl...I know her...I gotta talk to her!" said Mike.

"You got to pay to talk to Girly Girl" said the second thug...who was standing on Mike's right. "You don't understand...Her name's Tommy Boyd...and she's a race car driver" argued Mike. "The broad's name is Girly Girl...You ain't getting no private show for free with the boss' top showgirl" said the first thug. "She's not a showgirl!...She's lost her memory!" argued Mike. "You best be losing your memory bout getting in with Girly Girl bub...Got it?!" snarled the second thug as he showed Mike the Colt pistol that was tucked into the left side of his belt...hidden by his jacket. Knowing he had Jimmy to think about...Mike backed down. "All right...I don't want any trouble" Mike said.

"Then beat and don't let us see your mug round here again" warned the first thug. The two thugs followed Mike to make sure he left Club Venus...crossed the street and boarded a metro train heading south...back towards Downtown Detroit. However Mike wasn't about to let this go. "I know that's Tommy...Something happened to her...I gotta tell somebody about this" thought Mike as he sat aboard the moving train...as it headed back to the city centre. Meanwhile at Club Venus...Girly Girl sauntered back to her dressing room after completing her dancing act on stage. However as she walked...the busty brunette found herself suddenly thinking about Mike Sullivan...and the photo which he showed her of himself and his little brother Jimmy.

Images flashed through her mind...of her being with the Sullivan brothers at the airport...after stopping a thief from making off with Jimmy's backpack. "Oooh...That guy...I...I know him...somehow...
can't remember...the picture...of him...and the little boy...meet them before...brain so foggy...something...isn't right...Where am I?....How did I get here?...Gotta think...Gotta remember..." sighed Tommy as she entered her dressing room...the fingers of her right hand rubbing the middle of her forehead. Distracted by repressed memories of her true identity starting to come to the fore...the Teen Wonder was taken totally off guard...as she was grabbed from behind...and a thick cotton pad was clamped over her nose and mouth.

"HNNNNNNNNNNNNN...HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN...HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" blurted Tommy...her slender tanned arms and long muscular tanned legs kicking wildly in the air...as GUS GAMBINI...owner of Club Venus...and a high ranking member of the local Italian mafia....used his right hand to press the thick cotton pad firmly over the femme crusader's nose and mouth... wrapping his thick left arm around Tommy's flat mid-section...forcing her to breath the Feminite laced chloroform that was soaked into the pad. The effect on the Teen Wonder was immediate...as her pert brown nipples shot to attention...threatening to poke through her flimsy white bra...as they began to lactate on their own...while her virgin cunt...shaven off all her thick curly brown pubic bush...throbbed rapidly...the outline of a camel toe forming quickly against the thin fabric of her white briefs.

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" moaned Tommy...her brown eyes rolling up in her head...as she was brought to a massive orgasm in seconds. Dragging the drugged Tomboy over to a nearby sofa...Gambini dumped her sexy ass on it. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh" sighed Tommy as she sprawled out on her back...too aroused...dazed...and disoriented...to prevent the club owner from stripping her of her skimpy bra and briefs. "No....Please...No...don't..." pleaded the tired Teen Wonder in vain...as Gus reapplied the pad to her nose and mouth...while fingering her in her throbbing cunt.

"The Cyclops fellas said you might get some flashbacks...This'll clean your clock...Girly Girl...Set you straight" sneered Gus...as he chloroformed and fingered Tommy into sleepy submission. "Nnnnnnnn...Nnnnnnnnn...Nnnnnnnnnn...Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn" moaned Tommy into the pad as her brown eyes rolled up in her head...then slowly closed... as she surrendered again to unconsciousness...her mind going blank as she became Girly Girl again.

Roberts Riverwalk and Residence
Detroit waterfront
9 pm

Marcia Sloan and Chad Parker stood in the garage of the hotel...looking triumphantly at the blue 1965 Chevrolet Corvair with a V-8 Conversion and daft onboard computer which looked like something out of a science-fiction movie. Chad was in his glee as he passed his hands over the smooth exterior of the TOMMY CAR...Tommy Boyd's personal race car...which was no his...thanks to the scheme which his girlfriend Marcia had cooked up with her partners from Cyclops International to get the Tomboy out of the way...so that he could win the Turbo Track. “This car is pretty amazing… too cool for that Tomboy.” sneered Chad. "Correction...Too cool for that pole-dancing Girly Girl!” added Marcia...thrilled to see her the teenage guardian angel who was her arch rival turned into an air headed bimbo.. with the IQ of a rock. "Of course it's going to need some adjustments...and our Motor City sponsors...have recommended that happen in their own personal garage...I'll make the arrangements for them to collect it..." sneered Marcia...looking at the Tommy Car as she made a call on her cell phone.

7th Precinct
Downtown Detroit
10 pm

Detective Michelle Walker sighed as she got up from her desk in the now empty squad room...at the end of another long day at the precinct. Slipping her black leather jacket over her blue cotton shirt...the beauteous policewoman made her way down the nearby staircase...heading towards the front doors of the Precinct building...where her Harley Chopper was parked on the curb. Brushing back a loose strand of her shoulder length black hair...that was worn loose...Michelle silently dreaded having to return to her apartment in the New Centre district. Listening in to the police scanner...there was no major crimes taking place in the city tonight...which Detroit's finest couldn't handle....nothing that required her to change into the Scorpion Woman. She thought about how she hardly spent time at home...and only went to her secret lair on the waterfront...the SCORPION NEST...only when she had to. Both places felt very lonely...now that he was gone.

Every so often....Michelle would think about the one person who she still loved with all her heart....who knew all of her secrets...her teenage boyfriend...TREY JOHNSON...now an analyst with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). As she remembered the circumstances that brought them together...and the ones which drove them apart...Michelle was grateful that despite the hurtful words Trey said to her when they broke up...he kept his promise...never to reveal her secret identity. Every day on the job as a cop...every night on her patrols as Scorpion Woman...Michelle missed Trey being there...at her apartment...at the Scorpion Nest...taking care of her...making her feel safe and loved.

Michelle also felt angry at him for leaving...and not trying to understand the turmoil she was going through....since she went to her hometown of WILLIAMSVILLE in New England...to confront her estranged father...billionaire transport mogul WILLIAM WALKER...expose his connection to the shadowy criminal conglomerate CYCLOPS INTERNATIONAL...only to see him die at the hands of his conniving deputy PAUL PEYTON...who had since vanished...preventing her from bringing closure to her past and moving forward with Trey. All this left with was an overwhelming rage which she vented on the criminals in Detroit...taking them down in the most brutal way.

As she pushed thoughts of Trey to the back of her mind...Michelle found herself thinking about the young rookie cop...JIMMY KOWALSKI...who she crossed paths with in the days after Trey left her. He believed in justice as she once did. Unlike her fellow officers...Jimmy did not believe Scorpion Woman was a dangerous vigilante...and had in fact saved her life...and kept her from being arrested...even though these were his orders as a cop. There was something about Jimmy which attracted her...similar to the way Trey once did. Michelle felt guilty she couldn't save him from being in a coma...which he had been in since being hit by a gas grenade during a battle with the minions of her nemesis CLOWN GIRL. She was still thinking those thoughts as she exited the precinct building and approached her parked Harley Chopper motorcycle.

Michelle was about to mount her bike and ride off...when she felt her large pink Scorpion Nipples stiffen under her shirt...warning her of danger. In a swift motion...Michelle pulled out her Beretta...and aimed it at a young man who was coming up to her from behind. "Don't shoot!...Don't shoot!" cried Mike Sullivan...raising his hands in mock surrender. "Who the hell are you?!...You shouldn't sneak up on people like that!" Michelle scolded him as she holstered her gun...allowing Mike to notice her badge hooked on to the left side of her belt. "You're a police officer?" Mike asked rhetorically. "Detective Michelle Walker" replied Michelle tersely as she folded her arms under her chest. "Please...You gotta help me...Something happened to my friend....Someone did something to her...turned her into a prostitute. "What?!" asked Michelle...growing angry at the young man babbling in front of her...preventing her from leaving.

"My friend...Her name's Tommy...Please you gotta help her" said Mike as he took out his cell phone and showed Michelle the picture of him with Jimmy and Tommy. Michelle immediately recalled her two encounters with Tommy Boyd...after she was brought into the precinct for beating up some muggers...and then on a case of reckless endangerment and drunk driving. The beauteous policewoman remembered the attitude that she got from the Tomboy both times...and something about the way in which Mike spoke about Tommy...showed he was genuinely concerned about her. "You can make your report with the desk sergeant in the morning...Sorry but that's the best I can do for you now" said Michelle as she mounted her Harley Chopper and rode off...leaving Mike almost in tears...wondering who could save the Teen Wonder.

Little did he realise that he had just spoken to that person. "Stinger...Did you get the information? asked Michelle rhetorically. "Yes Mistress...The young woman known as Tommy Boyd is currently at Club Venus...performing as a dancer...under the stage name...of Girly Girl" replied the alien artificial intelligence (AI). The Venomous Vixen...who had been covertly investigating reports of an illegal underground car race in Detroit...suspected that Tommy was involved in that somehow. Her second arrest...her car being possessed by two individuals from her same hometown of Lincoln Heights...Marcia Sloan and Chad Parker...now her performing as a dancer in a strip club owned by the local Italian mafia....made her suspicious. "Looks like that Tomboy bit off more than she can chew...First SCORPION GIRL...Now this girl.." said Michelle as she turned her bike and headed north...in the direction of her new destination.

Club Venus
10.30 pm

"Uuuuuuuh...Uuuuuuuuh" groaned Tommy ...rolling her head from side to side...as she regained consciousness. "Wake up Girly Girl!...Wake up!" yelled Gus Gambini...snapping his fingers...at the hypnotised Teen Wonder...who had been kidnapped...drugged...and brainwashed...to forget who she really was. Her conditioning briefly wore off when she unexpectedly encountered Mike Sullivan while performing in the Club. However realising that she was coming out of her trance...Gus quickly nailed her with Feminite laced chloroform...and fingered her until she orgasmed....placing Tommy back under control. "Yes boss...Girly Girl awake" said Tommy in her air headed tone of voice.

"Nap time's over slut...Get to work or I'll fire your skanky ass!...Got some special clients who want you to dance for them!" yelled Gus. "Yes boss...Girly Girl awake...Going back to work now" replied Tommy in a frightened voice as she ran out of the dressing room...in her flimsy white bikini...heading for the stage on the main floor of the club....ready to continue to play the role of a prostitute and pole dancer...with no memory of who she was...her friends in Lincoln Heights who were counting on her. Emerging on stage...Tommy broke into a dance sequence...gyrating her curvaceous and athletic teenage body...flaunting her shapely tanned breasts...stroking her cunt through the fabric of her tiny white panty...as the crowd repeatedly shouted..."Girly....Girl....Girly...Girl...Girly...Girl" as she danced around the stage...then slid up and down...each of the greased poles ...to the thrill of the audience.

Looking on in the audience...were three of the Cyclops International agents...who had kidnapped Tommy from her hotel...knocked her out with chloroform...then used Feminite...to convert her from as super-sexy athletic wonder... ace car mechanic...top race car driver...and teenage guardian angel...into a mindless bimbo. Gus Gambini himself ushered them to a reserved table....right in front of Tommy as she danced and touched herself as if she were possessed. They could scarcely believe that one day ago...this was the feminist hellcat who fought them in a hotel room...and now thanks to the expert erotic conditioning and exposure to Feminite...had been converted into mindless nymphomaniac...who thought about nothing except sex.

As Tommy cavorted across the stage...twirling around one steel pole after another with the skill of an Olympic gymnast...dancing like a woman possessed...
shaking...twisting...turning her curvaceous and athletic tanned body...to the music blaring through the speakers inside of the club... she ripped off her thin white bra and tossed it into the air...her ample tanned boobs swaying freely from side to side to the roar of the patrons gathered around the stage. Coincidentally...the bra was caught by one of the Cyclops agents seated at a reserved table near the stage where the brainwashed Teen Wonder was dancing.

When she finished her routine...Gus summoned Tommy over to the table...where the three Cyclops agents were sitting. "Girly Girl...These fine gentlemen would like to spend the rest of the evening with you...getting some VIP treatment from you..." said Gus to the hypnotised heroine. In her bimbo state of mind...the last dose of Feminite which Gus had given her earlier...wiping her mind of any memory of her past...including that these men played a role in kidnapping her...all Tommy could think of was how cute they looked and how hot they made her feel.

"Oooooooh...You cute...Girly Girl likes you...all of you" said Tommy as she sprawled out on the table before them. Eager to test the effectiveness of the brainwashing used on the Teen Wonder and enjoy the benefit of nailing her curvy female body which was normally hidden under her Tomboy clothes...the three Cyclops agents started to grope and fondle Tommy in her breasts and cunt...right then and there in the middle of the club. "OOOOOOOOO...AHHHHHHHHHHHH
UUUUUUUUUUUUH...UUUUUUUUUUUUUUH" moaned Tommy in pleasure as she felt their hands roaming all over her naked bust...their tongues licking her pert brown nipples in turn...and their hands going under her flimsy white panties...vigorously rubbing her clitoris and fingering her cunt.

WANTS TO CUM...UUUUUUUUUH...UUUUUUUUUUUUUH...UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH" moaned Tommy...totally unaware of what she was doing as the three Cyclops agents simultaneously groped and fondled her in her erogenous body parts. The world spun faster and faster before the sleepy brown eyes of Tommy Boyd...as she felt her heart racing faster than the engine of her Tommy Car...her breathing elevated...and a growing pressure inside of her cunt...which she was finding impossible to suppress.

Gus and two of his thugs...stood nearby watching this public orgy...becoming aroused themselves...as the Cyclops agents pushed the tamed Teen Wonder into what seemed to be an inevitable almighty orgasm. As the other dancers and the other patrons realised what was going on...they encircled the table and started to chant. "Cum...Cum...Cum...Cum...Cum." Together with the Cyclops agents groping her ample tanned breasts...licking and sucking her pert brown nipples....relentlessly fingering her in her wet and throbbing cunt. "UH...UUH...UUUH...UUUUH...UUUUUH...UUUUUUH...UUUUUUH..." moaned Tommy...arching her curvy and athletic tanned body atop the table...as she neared what appeared to be an inevitable climax...in public. However before that could happen...the attention of everyone in the club...was diverted away from Tommy...and towards the skylight...which shattered into thousands of pieces...above their heads.

However it wasn't the falling glass which they had to be worried about...but the figure descending with the falling glass shards...like a dark avenging angel from on high. Gus Gambini in particular was filled with terror...as he gazed upon the curvaceous and muscular female figure of the woman...who had alighted on to the stage in the middle of the club. Her awesome body...which surpassed that of Tommy Boyd...clad in a tight black armoured leotard...black armoured elbow length gloves...black armoured knee high boots...a black armoured mask which covered most of her face...except the lower part of her nose and all of her full glossy red lips. The end of her glossy mane of black hair...tied into a long braid resembling a scorpion's tail. The all too familiar silver scorpion insignia proudly displayed between her amazing creamy cleavage.

"Show's over!" declared Scorpion Woman...her blue eyes glaring in the slits of her black armoured mask...giving a warning to her now captive audience. "Screw you bitch!" snarled one Cyclops agent as he pulled a pistol out from under his jacket...as he stood up to confront the Venomous Vixen. "Wrong move!" replied Scorpion Woman...raising her right hand...and firing an energy bolt from the silver Scorpion Ring on her right middle finger...which sent the Cyclops agent...flying backwards through the air...crashing into the shelves lined with various bottles of liquor behind the bar. Screams filled the air...as the other female pole dancers and all of the patrons ran out of the club...as the other two Cyclops agents...and Gambini's thugs drew their weapons to confront Scorpion Woman...while Tommy had her orgasm.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh" groaned the Teen Wonder as she collapsed and passed out atop the table...as the battle began. With incredible agility...Scorpion Woman leapt off the stage...somersaulting through the air...as Gambini's thugs and the two remaining Cyclops agents opened fire...turning the interior of Club Venus into a shooting gallery. Landing in a squatting position on the balls of her feet...Scorpion Woman unleashed a volley of energy bolts from her silver Scorpion Ring...taking out four of Gambini's men all at once. Going on the offensive...the Venomous Vixen felled another thug with a left hand karate chop to the throat...another with a right fist to the middle of his face... then sent a third thug to the floor gasping for air...thanks to a left foot to the groin. Four thugs tried to use the stage to surprise the Venomous Vixen from behind...but she was soon alert to the threat.

Leaping back on to the stage... Scorpion Woman swung around each of the three steel poles in the middle of the stage...dealing out decisive kicks to the heads...guts...and groins of the four thugs...leaving them unconscious on the stage. Out of the corner of her left eye...Scorpion Woman saw the two Cyclops agents trying to make their escape...one of them carrying the unconscious and topless Tommy Boyd in his arms. Leaping from the stage...the Venomous Vixen drove the balls of her feet into the back of the agent carrying Tommy. He fell forward...throwing Tommy up into the air. He reached for his gun...and the second agent did also. However Scorpion Woman was faster...blasting both men unconscious with energy bolts fired from her ring...with split second timing.

As they passed out on the floor...the Venomous Vixen caught Tommy in her slender muscular creamy arms before the Teen Wonder hit the floor. She silently marvelled at the young woman in her arms...who was all tough as nails when they first met days earlier...and was now totally vulnerable. Feeling her large pink Scorpion Nipples stiffen under her black armoured leotard...Michelle turned and glared at a petrified Gus Gambini...standing before her...his nightclub wrecked...his men and three Cyclops agents totally incapacitated. "She's coming with me..." said Scorpion Woman sternly. "R...R...Right..." stammered Gus...as the Venomous Vixen exited the club via a side entrance...where her silver Scorpion Cycle was parked in an alley.

"Mistress...I am detecting several police cars converging on our location" said Stinger over the Scorpion Ring as Michelle handcuffed Tommy's wrists together...and placed her on her mystic motorcycle. "Acknowledged...Make the calculations for the jump once we're clear" replied Michelle as she mounted the Scorpion Cycle and its engine roared to life. Speeding out of the alleyway...with Tommy in front of her...Scorpion Woman applied the gas as two squad cars gave chase. Their pursuit was all in vain....as the Scorpion Cycle accelerated rapidly...vanishing in a blur of light in seconds...the street before them empty.

MGM Grand Hotel.
11 pm

While Chad Parker snored like a buzz saw in bed...Marcia Sloan sat beside him...riveted to the breaking news flash which spoke about a gunfight at the Club Venus strip club...involving the city's feared vigilante...Scorpion Woman...who fled the scene...taking a young woman...a dancer at the club named Girly Girl with her. Getting off the bed...Marcia went into the bathroom and called Ernie Leeds Jr. back in Lincoln Heights. "Marcia?!!...You got any idea what time it is?!!" yelled Ernie who was in bed with company.

"This can't wait Ernie....Some masked bitch sprung Tommy from the club I put her in...to keep her out of the race!" cried Marcia who was in a state of panic. "Then you better make sure that Tomboy doesn't do anything to stop Chad from winning the Turbo Track!" snapped Ernie as he ended the conversation and went back to having sex with the two hookers in bed with him. He put the conversation with Marcia in the back of his mind. "She isn't Lincoln Heights...She's on a different track now...There's nothing that Tomboy can do to stop Chad...Nothing at all" thought Ernie.

To be continued

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