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Artists Guidelines - Effective June 1st 2005

Below is a set of guidelines for artists. They are subject to be changed at anytime here. We will email all artists of any changes, but it is ultimately the artists responsibility to check here for any changes.
Most changes will only effect new artists, as I usually grandfather clause older artists, unless a drastic change is needed.


  1. We pay $75 an update.
  2. Each update needs to be a minimum of 10-20 images. There is no max, however, 20 is preferred.
  3. Each image needs to be larger than 800 X 800
  4. Each "update" must show some nudity or peril. If you want to concentrate on storyline. that is fine, just make your update larger than 10 images and take it to the next peril.
  5. Each image needs to be tagged People pass them around, we need the advertising.
  6. No children in any form, implied, or mentioned, even as a secondary character. EVERY character is to be shown and created as over 18 (or of obvious legal age from whatever planet they come from).
  7. No images can contain the logos of currently established copyrighted images. For example, the Superman "S". You can spoof characters, as long as you do not violate trademark, or copyright..
  8. Artist retains the rights and copyrights to their product. licenses the "update" for a period of one year. After a one year period, said artist may resell, remove, or otherwise dictate their property as they see fit. We hope they will allow the property to remain, but HIPcomix has no voice after one year.
  9. Artists are expected to help promote their work. Twitter, Yahoo Groups, etc.
  10. Please allow net 30 on invoices. All invoices are to be sent via paypal to jpeger @


Outside of these things... you are pretty much free to do as you wish. Just remember that there is now an obscenity task force out there now, and It's my name on the Domain, so don't do anything that would risk my ass.


Hipcomix does not have editoral control over your comix, however we do reserve the right to reject an update. As of this time we haven't rejected any updates. We just reserve the right.

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